Why Locally Sourced Landscaping Stone is Better - Earthworks Natural Stone Why Locally Sourced Landscaping Stone is Better - Earthworks Natural Stone

So you are looking for landscaping stone and want a good place to start.  Most people will go down to the closest Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick out something that looks decent.  Others will go to a more specialty “Lawn & Garden” store to pick it out.  Those options are ok.

The best place to get your stone is from someone who sources the stone themselves and will stand behind their product.

So why is it so important to find landscaping stone that is sourced locally, by the same people you are buying it from?


The people you are talking to know everything about the landscaping stone you are buying because it is what they deal with every day.  They know it’s best uses.  They know how it looks and on which particular house or project.  They will likely even give you directions to see it.


You know you can trust them.  Why?  Because they are staking their reputation on their own product.  They have nobody to hide behind.  They have to own the entire process from quarry to home.  That is very reassuring as someone who will have to live with their products for a very long time.  You want a supplier who will have that same product ten years from now when you need to replace something or add to your project or home.


So you need something cut a little differently?  Chances are that if you are buying from the source, they can cut the stone in a lot of different ways.  This is incredibly important.  The big stores and even lawn & garden shops will carry the most used types and sizes of stones.  But the truth is that your project isn’t the same as the guy down the street.  Buying from the supplier will ensure that you can get exactly what you need for your project.