Ultimate Tips to Maintain Veneer on Your Home - Earthworks Natural Stone Ultimate Tips to Maintain Veneer on Your Home - Earthworks Natural Stone

You’ve decided to have a beautiful stone veneer installed on the siding of your home, and it looks amazing! So, the question now is, how do you maintain veneer? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. Natural stone is very functional and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. It can completely transform your house, so you want to keep it clean and free of any dirt and moss. Here’s how:

Easy Clean

For a quick, simple cleanup, that will help you maintain veneer, use a soft-bristled nylon brush to go over your stone siding and brush away dirt or unwanted build up. If grass gets on the side of the house after you mow the yard, or a storm litters it with any debris, or you notice any build up on the base of your home, you can use this technique to keep your stone free of cobwebs, vegetation, and dirt.

Thorough Clean

For a more sturdy clean, use a stone cleanser and mix it with some water to scrub down the siding. Avoid any cleaners that use acids or bleach! These could alter the color of your stone! Rinse it all off with a regular or power hose. Make sure you get all the soap and dirt off the wall, and then let it dry completely. Pick a nice, sunny day to do this so that your veneer can properly dry. You can do this once or twice a year to help maintain veneer.


If you’re worried about the long-term appearance of your veneer a sealant can be applied, but you shouldn’t do this on your own. Different stones will have different reactions, so if you want to apply a sealant to your siding be sure to consult with Earthworks to see what kind you should use, or find out if it’s even necessary, as natural stone is very resistant to damage.

Stone siding is durable and easy to maintain. A basic cleaning strategy is to hose the veneer down twice a year. This will help the stone keep its beautiful, natural appearance.

Remember, don’t use cleaners with acids or bleach, as they can cause stains, and don’t use metal or wire brushes as they can leave marks and scratches. Consult the manufacturer for any questions regarding specific care.

Sound easy? Then what are you waiting for? Call Earthworks today and have them transform your home with a beautiful stone veneer.