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5 Stone Decorations that Will Give Your Home Some Flair

By May 23, 2017July 2nd, 2020No Comments

What to add something to your landscape to make your home stand out? Something that will make it unique and classy? Stone decorations can add new life to your home and give it a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. These small but cool stonework additions can add the perfect amount of charm to your yard. Natural stone is a timeless decoration that will always be in style.

  1. Bubbling Boulder

These boulder fountains are perfect additions to swimming pools, or streams in your yard, or just as central decor. They’re simple to install: a hole is drilled into the boulder, drawing water up to recirculate consistently, adding a splash of magical ambiance.


  1. Stone Torch

Torches are great for enjoying warm nights outside, they keep bugs away and provide plenty of light for nightly get-togethers. Using natural stone torches or fire boulders assures that yours won’t get knocked over or blown away, and they look great surrounding your pavilion or patio. These are the most functional stone decorations you can add.


  1. Benches/Memorials

Stone benches are great additions to gardens. With natural stone you don’t have to worry about maintenance like with wood or metal furniture, and they can be customized to double as memorials or simple decoration.


  1. Art

It’s always fun to get creative, and using natural stone gives you that freedom. Your stone decorations can be a work of art with so many options to choice from. If your home needs a dash of art, landscape stone can give you a natural, timeless look. You can create images and patterns with garden bed or trail stone, or go bigger with spheres, walls, or columns.


  1. Curbside decor

These simple stone decorations add lots of curb appeal to your house. Decorate the base of your mailbox, line the front yard, or customize a boulder to read your address. These simple things can add a lot of charm and uniqueness to your landscape.

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