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Our Quarries

At Earthworks Stone, we source our stone from our 5 quarries located in the heart of the United States.  Our quarries produce consistent beautiful stone that equal any in the world.

A family owned and operated business, Earthworks, Inc. owns two limestone quarries in Ste. Genevieve, MO and operates a cottonwood quarry in the state of Kansas.

Our Process

Our company continues to strive to utilize only state-of-the-art stone fabrication equipment and develop the latest design and manufacturing techniques.

With over 100 employees, we pride ourselves as being a truly turnkey operation. Our quality drafters are trained to assist with architectural plans, on-site field measurements, quoting, producing shop drawings, and setting prints to accompany the stone on-site. Our extensive inventory offers the widest range of colors, textures, and product- all readily available for delivery anywhere in the United States.

The size of the Earthworks Stone operation has allowed us to take part in both large and small projects including urban gardens, government buildings and historical restorations, Earthworks combines modern technology with skilled craftsmanship to make even the most demanding visions a reality.

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