5 Unique Landscapes That Will Create Your Backyard Fantasy - Earthworks Natural Stone 5 Unique Landscapes That Will Create Your Backyard Fantasy - Earthworks Natural Stone

A backyard is like a canvas to create anything you want. Stone landscaping can fulfill your backyard fantasy. When you step outside your backdoor it should be into a different world, one away from the responsibilities of everyday life. Whether you want a place where your family can have fun parties, or a solitary getaway for yourself, stone can help bring it all to life and create a unique landscape that is all your own.

Secret Garden


If you prefer a literary backyard fantasy turn your yard into a magical dreamscape with a garden theme. Natural stone can be used to create winding trails, stairs for slanted hills, and beautiful garden beds filled with any sort of rock to compliment the variety of trees and flowers that you’ve dedicated your time to growing. Your yard will be turned into the perfect place to hide yourself away so you can spend your days admiring the beautiful foliage, no matter the season.


Fairy Land


This is a true backyard fantasy. With a touch of natural stone you can transform your landscape into something that would be the envy of any fairytale. Install a little stream filled with river rock, with a charming footbridge to go with it. Build your own wishing well, or a castle wall. Let your yard run as wild as your imagination.


Magical Labyrinth


If you like privacy you can circle your yard with aesthetic stone walls, archways, and charming gates to give the landscape a simple whimsy. Take your inspiration from medieval constructions, or Scottish farmlands to block unwanted sights, and enjoy a winding stroll through different arches and doorways.


Personal Resort


This is one backyard fantasy that everyone will want to be a part of. If you have an in-ground pool you can transform it into the ultimate resort. Natural stone work will make you feel like you’re in a different world entirely. Install fountains, waterfalls, and natural-looking stone walkways around your pool for an amazing getaway in your own backyard.


Ultimate Hangout


If your home sees lots of guests then consider creating the ultimate hangout space in your backyard. With landscaping stone you can create a beautiful fire pit, barbecue area, and pavilion for a comfortable and fun outdoor experience. Stone torches and outdoor fireplaces will keep the party going well into the night.

Want to turn your landscape into the perfect getaway? Get your backyard fantasy with Earthworks.