How to Choose the Best Stone When Building Your Home - Earthworks Natural Stone How to Choose the Best Stone When Building Your Home - Earthworks Natural Stone

Whether you’ve made the decision to complete a project yourself by doing your own work with natural stone or you’ve hired a contractor or landscape designer to do it for you, you’re going to have to select the right materials for the job. There are quite a few choices to consider.

Between landscaping stone, cut stone, veneer, and even mortar types, it can be difficult to determine the materials that are most suitable for your project. How can you make the right decision? There are several factors to consider to ensure the right choice.


Above all, you need a product that’s going to meet your practical needs. You might love the look of a certain type of stone, but will it fit the functionality well?

Naturally, your personal taste and the style of your home will play some role in your decision, but first and foremost you need materials that suit a functional purpose. For example, if you plan to place furniture on your stone, you might prefer a smooth surface like stone pavers instead of uneven rock surfaces, so that your furniture doesn’t tip and rock every time it’s touched.

Do you want your it to double as a surface where your kids can play? Before you even start looking at materials, take the time to consider planned usage to ensure the end product meets your needs.


Materials designed for use in outdoor surfaces should have features that allow them to stay in good condition under a variety of weather conditions. After all, they’re meant for outdoor use. That said, certain materials are more durable than others when faced with extreme weather conditions.

Wooden decking can be nice, but even with weather protection in place, it’s only a matter of time before exposure to the elements takes its toll. Over time you could be dealing with rot, mold, warping, and a number of other issues that make your patio surface unusable and potentially dangerous.

Even in a more temperate climate this can be an issue as even rain and sun can wear down certain materials.


Every outdoor surface is going to need some kind of maintenance to avoid damage and keep it looking good for years. The question is how much. What will it cost you in time, effort, and money?

Fortunately, natural stone is one of the most maintenance-free options that you will find.


The cost of materials and installation is always relevant when it comes to home upgrades. Your landscaping isn’t likely to show much return on investment, but attractive outdoor spaces can definitely make your home more appealing.

Regardless, you likely have at least some idea of a budget going in and you’ll need to find materials that meet functional needs, suit your aesthetic, and come in under budget.

Something to consider when choosing natural stone over other materials is the lifetime cost.  It is possible (and even likely) that you might not have to ever replace your natural stone.  Most other materials will eventually have to be replaced

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