A Guide to High Quality Landscaping Stone - Earthworks Natural Stone A Guide to High Quality Landscaping Stone - Earthworks Natural Stone

So you’re ready to improve the looks of your garden or yard by doing some landscaping! And, knowing that this is going to need to be a long-lasting, durable, and beautiful addition, you want to use the highest-quality landscaping stone you can find.  So you want some information on just how to tell what the best quality landscaping stone looks like and how to tell the quality stone from the…not so quality stone.  And what type of stone will be best for your particular needs?

The great thing about high-quality landscaping stone is that it is beautiful and durable, and there are lots of options when it comes to using it in and around your home. How do you decide what kind of stone to use? And how much is too much? What features of your yard and garden do you want to improve with landscaping, and how?

Here are a few landscaping stone design tips for using stone features in your home landscaping.


A path that is paved with gorgeous and durable natural stone flagstones is hard to top when it comes to aesthetics. You might be building a footpath from your back porch to your garden, or you might want to create a stone path around the front of your house to your door.  Either way, flagstone is a great option for building a beautiful, functional path that will last.

Natural Stone Veneer

You’ve hated that ugly retaining wall forever! Your house is beautiful, but that ugly concrete retaining wall is causing you to cringe every time you look at it.  If only there was a way to make that wall look amazing without completely tearing it down and starting over.

That is where natural stone veneer comes in. Stone veneer allows you to “hang” (using adhesive) thin pieces of stone to that ugly retaining wall. This makes it appear as though the entire wall is built of beautiful natural stone, when in reality it is simply the thin layer you are seeing covering up that ugly original. This is an option that is much less expensive, but still creates a beautiful finished product. (Psst…you can use this stone veneer on almost any surface…the possibilities are endless.)

Fire Pit

Building a fire pit with natural landscaping stone can sound difficult, but it really isn’t! A stone fire pit is simple to build and it immediately adds an attractive and functional piece to your backyard or patio! Our staff is great at putting together a plan and instructions for how to make this a reality for your backyard.  We even have kits available that make it easy for you!

Stone Treads

We just told you how simple adding a natural stone fireplace is, but this is even easier! Slabs of staggered natural high quality landscaping stone can be placed on a hillside to create steps leading to a patio, backyard, or garden. This is a beautiful and simple way to create outdoor stairs.  It is easier and more durable than wood. Although you may spend a little more money on quality landscaping stone than steps built of two-by-fours, the stone steps will last longer and retain their beauty for years to come.





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