Meridian Red – Pavers

Color Tone: Red

Description: This rare stone consists of light to deep reds, gold, buff, light green within the stone as well as on the beds of the stone. It is very suitable for many building stone applications as well as any landscape application.

Applications: Commercial Panels/Cladding, Fireplace hearths and Mantels, Keystones, Quoins, Interior and Exterior Paving.

Testing Data:

Percent Absoption Bulk Specific Gravity Compressive Strength Dry, Parallel to Rift
0.37% 2.71 13,569 PSI


Modulus of Rupture Dry, Parallel to Rift Flexural Strength Dry, Parallel to Rift SRI Range
2,139 PSI 1,079 PSI 44

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