Gabouri – Cut Stone Finishes

Color Tone: Cream

Testing Data:


Percent Absoption Bulk Specific Gravity Compressive Strength Dry, Perpendicular to Rift Compressive Strength Dry, Parallel to Rift
0.36% 2.7 10,660 PSI 949 PSI


Modules of Rupture Dry, Perpendicular to Rift Modules of Rupture Dry, Parallel to Rift Modules of Rupture Wet, Perpendicular to Rift Modules of Rupture Wet, Parallel to Rift
1,070 PSI 1,226 PSI 1,329 PSI 1,417 PSI


Flexural Strength Dry, Parallel to Rift Flexural Strength Wet, Parallel to Rift Coefficient of Friction (Dry) Coefficent of Friction (Wet)
769 PSI 710 PSI 29.8 AVG 33.7 AVG


Weight per Cubic Foot Salt Test Freeze Thaw SRI Range
167 LBS/CF 5.09 0.14% 55-56

Projects Using Cut Stone

Window & Door Surrounds

Watertable & Bandings


Pool Coping

Pier Caps

Panels & Cladding


Front Entry Surrounds

Indiana Limestone Bullnosed Treads

Coping & Stair Treads

EW Gold


Indiana Limestone

Chimney Caps

Aux Vases Buff

Balustrade & Newel Posts

EW Gold

Arches & Porte Cocheres

indiana cut stone fireplace surround

Indoor Stone Fireplaces

EW Gold Veneer


Custom Made Sign

Custom Made Signs

Custom Stone Bench

Custom Made Stone Benches

stone fireplace

Outdoor Stone Fireplaces

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